There is a difference between arrogance and confidence. I am sure you may have heard this saying before, but have you ever really taken the time to process what it means?

Just because a person has the confidence to believe in their ideas, doesn’t mean you should knock them. Of course, there are different levels of confidence, and “brash confidence” isn’t something that is desirable. From a personal standpoint, I try to show a form of quiet confidence. Silently going about my work and learning from those around me.

Our journey through life offers us many opportunities, so we will say no to and others we will embrace with all the energy we have. It’s not easy to think big and to be a dreamer, while reality is important we also need to imagined what lies ahead and the future we would like to live in.

So, here’s to thinking big, taking the opportunities we are given, and to the art of continuous learning.

A deep thinker, synthesiser & learner. Interested in tech, data, & ownership. Enabling reverse mentorship. DAO: Crypto, Culture & Society