Acknowledging where you are

Life can be described as a journey. One that has highlights, low lights and moments that make you want to shout from the roof tops.

The diversity and challenges are what make it exciting.

Don’t get me wrong, the low lights aren’t great… but they contain valuable lessons that can help you grow as an individual. Failing and making mistakes are part of learning. The key is to realise why you made mistakes and to ask proper questions of what led you to make those decisions that put you in those situations.

Some of my biggest lessons have come from taking the time to dissect my mistakes. It may seem counter intuitive, but by sitting with you mistakes and asking proper questions you can learn a lot more than by just simply pushing them away and moving on with life.

Take a step back, acknowledge where you are and what you have done to get to this point. You may not repeat some of the things again, but each experience you have adds value to your journey.

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