• Paul J van Vuuren

    Paul J van Vuuren

  • John Hargis

    John Hargis

    I’m a Digital Instructor for Tacoma Public Library’s Digital Media Lab.

  • Mary Kay Gibbs

    Mary Kay Gibbs

    I know the challenges you face as an entrepreneur and small business owner. I can help you succeed!

  • Ithateng Mokgoro

    Ithateng Mokgoro

    The world, when seen through my eyes, is one exhilarating piece of design. And there is no problem so complex that a good dose of design thinking cannot solve.

  • Duena Blomstrom

    Duena Blomstrom

    FinTech & Innovation Enthusiast- 18 yrs in Sales and Strategy, ex CMO & Hd of Sales for Meniga, Mentor, Speaker, Blogger, Angel Investor, Independent Consultant

  • Ultrabloke


    Runner / Triathlete - proud 2XU brand ambassador - an ordinary bloke who's discovered a love of Ultra distance events and wants to share it with others.

  • Liam Tootill

    Liam Tootill

  • Eric Fuller

    Eric Fuller

    Consultant to the entertainment industry. Author: Forbes.com. Fan of travel, food, theater & music. Teller of Dad jokes. Eric@FullerFacts.com @ericsfuller

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