Change and moving through time

While preparing for a podcast this evening, I was reading about Spiral Dynamics and phase transitions. Taking a deep dive into modernism, the different stages and societies reactions to change.

It reminded me of why I started writing these short pieces of daily reflecting in the first place. I wasn’t writing them for anyone other than myself, if people end up reading them I hope they are worth their time and they find something valuable in the words that I string together.

I haven’t written for some time and it was a stark reminder to myself that I need to get way better at moving through time. Things happen and you can never control everything, but you can and must make the time for the things that you want to do on a day to day basis… like pausing and sharing these words.

So, when you get given a chance. Take it. Give yourself a chance to do great things and imagine a world where things are different to what they are like today.

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