As I sat down to dinner this evening with friends, who I can quite easily call my family, I was reminded about how important it is to make the time to do the small things that we far to often let go of when life gets full.

It’s easy to say I “don’t have the time” but did we try and make it? Or are we continuously living on time that is run and own by people other than ourselves…

If we are honest with ourselves, we should be making the time for the things that we want to do, the things that we want to create and holding true to the values that we have.

This is something that I remind myself of constantly when life gets full. I could have easily passed up on the opportunity to connect over dinner this evening or said I had too much work to do so I couldn’t pause for 2 hours.

Let’s make the time to do the small things that connect with people and make our life so much richer.

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